Under Pressure with Andrew Summey

Have you ever met people that made you think ‘Oh, I really want us to talk more about x and y’? People you felt you have unfinished conversations with, even though you haven’t talked to them before; people whose work you’ve read and whose thinking strongly resonated.

Queue Andrew, human extraordinaire, always asking for two more sentences. Some of us just can’t be confined to boxes, so we ask for more. Here’s the funny thing – we take or occupy as much space as we allow ourselves to. And through his ever-going journey, Andrew has always looked for more, asked for more, and strived for better.

We touch on the metaphor of rowing, we speak about vulnerability and leadership and how the two go together, with a dash of rambling, giggles and swearing. And a whole lot of tension.

This conversation reminded me that we’re not alone in our struggles and that we’re all on a journey of some sort or another. That we can find solace in our journeys if we allow ourselves to look a different way than we usually do. Here’s our raw, recorded conversation for you, please give it a listen.

Under Pressure w/… Andrew Summey

We’re ending high, on a poem Andrew wrote.


I kept planning
I kept seeking
I prepared more
I wanted a better view
To keep me in lieu
Why was I preparing
For the starting line?
For the planets to align?
When I had moseyed past
Friends cheering and clapping
My thoughts toward mapping
Then, I looked around
I had already begun
Now, it’s time to run!

P.S. Here is some of the stuff we mention:
# Daniel Bauer, awesome human and ruckus maker at Better Leaders, Better Schools
# U2 album, Zooropa, Jonny Cash track

Thanks for listening, tchuss!