tiny gestures

Call a friend today and say that pending ‘thank you’, it will make a difference.

Everything we do has a backend story to it, some unseen work, some unsung heroes, or some credit still needing to be given. When’s the last time you thanked your mom, for being your ever supportive and nagging champion? Or that friend who thinks you’re cuckoo but is there for you ’cause life’s short and friends rare? Or the barista who smiles at you at 7 am and wishes you a grand day ahead?

We should say ‘thank you’ more often. This is not about manners, though we should talk about those too, especially when it comes to the perception shift when changing the culture. This is about giving credit where credit is due, the more so if it’s behind the scenes work made by a team which the public won’t know about.

We all tell stories, be it via digital media, or in person, or in written media. We chose an angle (or more), and run with it until we make our point. In marketing and communications, so many people contribute to one single story, it’s amazing. It takes a tribe, eh?

The idea or the story are at the front; the messages it convenes; the feeling(s) it transmits. But then, there’s also the people. The strategy lady, the coffee guy, the brand artsy guru and so on. Most of these people are the invisible ones, the ones nobody thinks about when reading that story. And that’s okay. Here is where there’s some behind the scenes magic just waiting to happen, and it’s as easy as telling to someone who needs to hear it a heartfelt ‘thank you’.

My thanks of the day go to a bunch of awesome ladies, who make me better just by believing in me and reminding me I am worthy and enough and that’s kinda awesome. Go on, pick up the phone, say that overdue thanks