Dear Frank,

Haven’t written to you in a while now. There’s no excuse, and please don’t think I’ve been ignoring you. On the contrary, I have been paying close attention to my fears and thoughts, listening and noting how I think and feel, how my body moves and where my mind goes.

Dearest Frank, as you well know by now, I’m learning to say ‘yes’ to possibility. I’m learning to say *yes* to myself, thus giving myself space and time and boundless opportunity. I’ve noticed there’s a fine line between that deep trust one feels in its capabilities and the confidence to work it all out, and the crippling fear that you’re just imagining it all, who are you to dream *this big* or aim *so high*?

And you want to know what I realised? They’re the different sides of the same coin, and self-confidence with a dash of humbleness and lots of curiosity works wonders. Doubt is good. Too much doubt is bad. And no one is going to dream big for or instead of yourself, so you might as well gamble on your power. Oh, what if you fall and bruise your…ego? Well, dust yourself up and off you go, try again, try harder, fail, learn, repeat endlessly.

Frank, I’m learning to have faith in the Universe and trust in my powers, and so far, the planets are aligning and my universe expanding. How do I keep myself accountable at a steady pace, you ask? Oh, no silver bullet here. I show up, do the work, dip, work, doubt, dip and so on, a perfect ebb and flow amounting to days and months, telling a story that makes so much sense, in hindsight.