Better at…

… mistakes

We grow up being taught that mistakes are bad, and we get punished for them. Then we spend adulthood teaching ourselves that mistakes are good, and we can learn and grow from them. Isn’t this one of life’s beautiful-with-a-dash-of-sadness ironies? As kids, we says ‘yes’ wholeheartedly until one day something happens and we start being cautious. Then, if we’re lucky, we spend adulthood *acting as if* and hoping for the best; as such, we try and expand our universe of possibility, trying and failing and trying again.

Magic happens when we embrace these failures, the in-betweens, as wins. Because you either win or learn, which counts as winning too. Hindsight is useful to realise how much we’ve grown from our mistakes. The key here is being aware of ourselves, and making Resistance our friend. Mine is named Frank, and I’ve befriended Frank in ways I didn’t think was possible. Frank is a friend, not a foe.

Frank reminds me that trust breeds magic, and I’ve got to trust myself.

… saying no

We’re giving away our power by giving away our time. Boundaries: such a powerful word. Setting boundaries is quite the exercise: we’re setting boundaries for the outside world or better said, for the world outside of us; and we should set them for the world within too. I mean, how many times have you set about your day wanting to do one thing, only to have it hijacked?

Usually, we allow others to do that for various reasons. We shy from saying *no* because saying *no* means we’re bad people. And so we feel constricted to engage and respond, then and there. What or whom are you saying *no* to by saying *yes* to time thieves?

Once we become aware it doesn't have to be this way, and saying no is more than encouraged, a shift happens. Because by saying *no* to hijacks we say *yes* to ourselves. And doing this, repeatedly, helps us become aware of the power within. If you can defeat the 'no' monster, *what else* is there waiting for you to do?