It’s all invented

We’re really good at inventing rules and setting boundaries. We’ve spent years and years perfecting these, and they’re usually aimed at the other(s). The thing is, once we’ve worked so hard and for so long setting rules and establishing boundaries, it’s kind of hard not to apply them to ourselves.

The irony here is that we don’t even realise it. We’re not aware of how contained some of our remarks are and can be taken aback when someone’s frank to us. It’s outrageous. When did we start saying more no than yes? How is it that we forgot to have fun? And why?!

I’m an artist, your rules don’t apply to me. Please read this in your own voice until you get, it until it hits home. Read it as many times as you need to, and think deeply about the rules you’ve set for yourself. And now go be awesome, do something, share it with the world. I’m rooting for you <3