How to be a cutie pie

– a 10-step guide to cuteness –

Step 1. Smile to random people; 90% will smile back.

Step 2. Avoid frowning.

Step 3. Embrace your inner weirdness.

Step 4. Talk to strangers (without being creepy or stalkerish, though).

Step 5. Remember: it’s just air coming out some people’s mouth, so let them breathe.

Step 6. Dance like no one is watching.

Step 7. Enjoy lightness, even when it rains; look at the clouds.

Step 8. The middle finger: it’s a no-no.

Step 9. Drink water.

Step 10. Get your swag on.

I wrote this guide together with Becca, in a moment of quietness in-between what was a hectic couple of weeks. We had a lot of fun in the 5 or so minutes it took us to write it, and I just came across it whilst looking for something else on my laptop. And it made me smile, so much so, that I’m putting it here 🙂

If the guide seems too complicated, in a nutshell:

  • Accept & embrace your self
  • Hydrate your body and nurture your mind
  • Be present and kind