Dear Frank,

Haven’t written to you in a while now. There’s no excuse, and please don’t think I’ve been ignoring you. On the contrary, I have been paying close attention to my fears and thoughts, listening and noting how I think and feel, how my body moves and where my mind goes. Dearest Frank, as you well […]

Being seen by others

Sometime this summer, I had this idea or need of an intimate meet-up, a combo of an accountability group and mastermind mash-up, delivered in an online setting and comprising of similar-in-view, yet different-in-perspective folks. I sat long and thought hard about who and what and when, because bringing people together is always a feat and […]

Read, read, read – a plea for reading

A few weeks ago, I came across a perspective with which I disagree profoundly. The premise was somewhere along the lines of ‘the lack of self-development is also caused by lack of reading, especially of specialized books; you might as well read twenty books of fiction a month, it’s for nothing if you don’t read […]

Here there be dragons

Dragons, eh?! I bet there’s not one of us who wasn’t told or read a story about dragons when he/she was a wee child. What I think was most wonderful about these stories (my grandma used to tell me a lot of them!) is that they’re inevitably about courage or conquering your fears or pursuing […]

Compound Coaching

Coaching is an amazing experience to go through. As a coachee, it allows you to experience the generosity of others. As a coach, it means adopting a posture of generosity and curiosity and serving. Back in February (it’s July as I’m writing this), I had the pleasure of going through a coaching session with two […]

Notes from one introvert to the World

Dear World, Everything’s different and everything is the same at the moment. Everything and nothing has changed. Things are strange, and then not quite so. Confusing, isn’t it? The world has turned topsy-turvy, as some people (annoyingly say). I mean, topsy-turvy?! Aside from going on long weekend walks through gardens or to museums, and the […]

Don’t be yourself, be yourselves

I have a lot of ongoing conversations, with Frank, with myself, with my Muse, God, the Universe, as well as a whole bunch of other people. I also dream a lot, in a way that it doesn’t make any sense but somehow it all comes together later down the road. I’m doing my best to […]

On creativity and play

For some peculiar reason, we’ve denied ourselves the space or time or willingness to be creative. It’s easier to say in a shoulders-shrugging manner, I don’t know or I’m not the creative type, really. I should know, I’ve done it myself plenty of times. You see, when I was a kid, I used to write […]

If oats can become milk, you can become anything

Saw this on Mantra Mag, on Instagram. As amusing as it may seem, it’s true. It’s one of those things we don’t think about, nor do we realise the true power behind these words. A couple of years ago, I went on a trip to Thailand, in which I had the pleasure of spending a […]