It’s all invented

We’re really good at inventing rules and setting boundaries. We’ve spent years and years perfecting these, and they’re usually aimed at the other(s). The thing is, once we’ve worked so hard and for so long setting rules and establishing boundaries, it’s kind of hard not to apply them to ourselves. The irony here is that …

How to be a cutie pie

– a 10-step guide to cuteness – Step 1. Smile to random people; 90% will smile back. Step 2. Avoid frowning. Step 3. Embrace your inner weirdness. Step 4. Talk to strangers (without being creepy or stalkerish, though). Step 5. Remember: it’s just air coming out some people’s mouth, so let them breathe. Step 6. …

same-same but different

Empathy is a handful. Its difficulty resides in its simplicity, and we usually shy away from too simple tasks — they scare us. Here’s a thought: we should think intently and write more about happiness. Take a moment to be grateful for something or someone, or think about something that makes you happy. Practising empathy …

tiny gestures

We all tell stories, be it via digital media, or in person, or in written media. We chose an angle (or more), and run with it until we make our point. In marketing and communications, so many people contribute to one single story, it’s amazing. It takes a tribe, eh?

train stations and (digital) tribes

Train stations belong to nobody, but they’re used by everybody, so their emotional charge is huge – can you even imagine? People always on the move, going places, doing things.

13 cups of coffee

The first coffees with Penny were either too rushed, or too hot, or not enough. And then, time slowed down, and the coffees were just right.