Andra & Andra or the story of how I met my sister from another mother (part II)

You’re all caught up now, and you know the behind the scenes story. Sort of. The thing is, there was a point in my life when I loved doing interviews, talking to people, asking odd questions and getting awesome answers. And at another point, I forgot how much I enjoy it all and it kind of got lost in translation. Thanks to the AltMBA experience (yeah, it’s an experience, not a programme ?), I realised I miss talking to people.

Normal, wonderful, generous, full of wisdom and cool stuff you-should-hear-from people. Here’s the thing – whilst it’s cool to hear podcasts or interviews with uber-famous dudes and dudettes, it can be difficult to put yourself in their shoes, or identify with their experiences, as sometimes they seem to live or come from a different realm. And I’ve met so many great, amazing folks so far, that I’ve lined them up for conversations and you’ll hear from them soon enough (watch this space!)

Andra Zaharia is an amazing human being, and it made sense my first podcast to be a conversation with her. Why you’ll ask. Well, she’s the reason I found the courage to apply for the AltMBA. And it felt like things are coming to a full circle when the thought of starting Under Pressure with her popped in my mind.

I was beyond nervous emailing her about the podcast, since it’s all invented, and there wasn’t/ isn’t a clear process here, I’m running on creative carbs. It’s an odd thing to read someone’s blog/ thoughts on a blog and feel like they’re your sister from another mother. And then talk and meet IRL and feel that’s not such an insane idea after all. I shared the raven story with her, she replied, said yes to my proposal, the rest is history <3 And a raw, recorded conversation for you, please give it a listen.

Under Pressure … w/ Andra Zaharia

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