13 cups of coffee

Some people whoosh through your life, some people challenge you, some make you a better person. You never know, at first. As leaves dry up, stories unfold, and some people stay a little longer, some are gone with the fall.

The first coffees with Penny were either too rushed, or too hot, or not enough. And then, time slowed down, and the coffees were just right. About this time last year, Penny decided she wanted a makeover for her side project. She thought well, and she thought long before approaching us for this project. Not because she did not want to work with us, but because she wanted to get the timing right.

You see, timing is everything. Penny is a medium. So, we started working on the revamp late last August. It was a journey full of discoveries. As autumn flew in, she looked at the past and she asked for inspiration. We were trying to find the right shape for the meaning this revamp bore, as she was growing out of a shell into a new one.

the magic

It’s challenging, to say the least, to encompass one’s spiritual journey in a few shapes and figures. To make it resonate with others who might be on similar. Turning to nature, we found the nautilus – majestic, beautiful, ever-evolving. And it stuck with us.

The nautilus is a symbol for an ever-evolving journey, with no set destinations, just well-thought intentions. A good reminder we’re only going forward.