We’re going on a journey together. We’re partners. I commit to supporting you, and you commit to showing up, and thus, we’ll get to work and have fun.

My coaching practice involves working with metaphors and movement to get you unstuck. This unstuck-ness business can mean a variety of things, from getting clarity on something to moving forward or uncovering a block – there’s no right or wrong, too much or too little to bring to coaching; there’s only what’s important for you to better yourself.

Integrative coaching means I take inspiration from clean language, Gestalt and somatic & dance-movement practices and employ a research-based approach to inform my practice.


Coaching is not a linear or smooth, comfy process. It’s a lot of hard work and requires commitment, i.e., showing up every day. But you already knew that otherwise, you wouldn’t be here.

Step 1: Set up an hour-long chemistry session to help us decide whether we should embark on this journey together. We will talk about values, wishes and realities and explore the possibilities that lie ahead.

Step 2: hells to the yeah, we’re in this together, whoop! Happy dance!

Step 3: we commit. We’re in for the medium to long-term haul. Change takes time, so this means a minimum of six months.

Step 4: we get to work. And we’re going to have fun! Yes, change is hard, but it’s also exciting, cool, and exhilarating.

Step 5: we celebrate you. Happy dance once again!


SHOW-UP. It’s crucial to show up — show up for yourself; show up and do the work; show up for the coaching sessions.

TRUST THE PROCESS. We’ll go to places and talk about things. We might get to not-so-nice stuff, and we might get vulnerable. It’s okay. I’ll hold a safe space for you to be curious and explore.

TIME. One session – can be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly – for a (minimum of) three to six months. We’ll look at your tempo and goals and decide on this together!

£££. Our very first meeting – the chemistry session – is free of charge. For the rest of our minimum three to six months together, the cost is to be discussed and agreed upon on an individual basis. The reason for this is that I do not want you to shy away from having this first conversation, and where there is a will, there is definitely a way – one simply cannot know until one tries.

Please reach out at contact [at] theampersandfairy [dot] com 🙂